2017 ICCR Scholarships, Indian Council For Cultural Relations Eligibility Application Procedure

By | July 17, 2013

Indian Council For Cultural Relations ICCR Scholarships 2017-2018, Eligibility Criteria, Application Procedure

India is a land rich in myths. India’s fine arts, its literature and architecture, whether tribal, folk or classical, evolved either as delicate representations of a greater pursuit, through a great desire to absorb and integrate talents and expressions outside its own monarchy, or as popular forms of amusement. One of the major and huge activities under Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) is the scholarship programme. The ICCR offers 2325 scholarships under 21 scholarship schemes every year. Most of the candidates come from developing countries in Asia, Africa, South and Central America. Candidates have joined from already developed countries as well. Now let’s talk about how many schemes are there for scholarships. There are two types of schemes for ICCR; one is THE SCHEMES OF ICCR and the other one is THE SCHEMES IMPLEMENTED BY THE ICCR AS AN AGENCY. Now under the schemes of ICCR there are 11 schemes available as; General Cultural Scholarship Scheme with 546 slots, Bangladesh Scholarship Scheme with 100 slots, Sri Lanka Scholarship Scheme with 60 slots, Mauritius Scholarship Scheme with 30 slots, ICCR Scholarship Scheme with 48 slots, Cultural Exchange Programme with 297 slots, Commonwealth Scholarship/Fellowship Plan with 54 slots, Africa Day with 1 slot, Craft Instructor Scheme with 10 slots, Dadoo Naicker Scheme with 1 slot, Okita Memorial Scholarship for Indian Nationals with 2 slots. And now under the schemes implemented by the ICCR as an agency 10 schemes are there as; Special Scholarships for Afghanistan with 675 slots, Aid to Maldives with 20slots, SAARC-Chair/Fellowship Scheme with 22 slots, Special Scholarship Scheme for Mauritian Nationals with 3 slots, AYUSH Scholarship Scheme for BIMSTEC Member Countries & Non-BIMSTEC Countries on behalf of MEA & AYUSH Department with 42 (15 BIMSTEC & 27 Non-BIMSTEC) slots, Mekong Ganga Cooperation Scholarship Scheme with 50 slots, Scholarship for Pacific Island Countries with 14 slots, IOA-ARC Scholarship Scheme with 34 slots, Africa Scholarship Scheme with 249 slots, Silver Jubilee Scheme with 64 slots.

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Phone Number: 01123379309,23379310
Website: www.iccrindia.net
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